Who are we?

Welcome to La Ktrina: Where Tradition and Flavor Meet!

At La Ktrina, we don’t just serve food, we create memorable experiences for the whole family. We are a family restaurant dedicated to offering you the best of authentic Mexican food in a warm and welcoming atmosphere.


With over 20 years of experience in the restaurant industry, we have perfected the art of delighting our customers with genuine flavors and exceptional service. Our legacy in the culinary world has taught us the value of working as a family, and every dish we serve is imbued with that love and dedication.

What sets us apart is our incomparable salsa, which has been the secret to our reputation in the surrounding area. From tacos to burritos, every bite is accompanied by the unique touch of our salsas, which elevate the flavor of our dishes to new heights.


At La Ktrina, we offer a variety of options to satisfy your cravings at any time and occasion. Whether you want to enjoy a relaxed meal in our cozy restaurant, take your favorite dishes home, order by phone or online, or even celebrate special events with our taco time or fajita time service, we’re here to make every experience unforgettable.

Our specialty, carne asada, is the heart of our cuisine. From tacos to tortas, every dish that bears the La Ktrina name is infused with the unparalleled flavor of our carne asada, an experience that will leave you wanting more.


Come join us at La Ktrina, where every meal is a celebration of authentic Mexican hospitality and the flavors that unite us as a family!

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