Looking for a cozy atmosphere to enjoy a delicious Mexican meal?


At La Ktrina, we offer you the perfect experience. Relax and enjoy our authentic creations in our cozy restaurant, where every dish is prepared with passion and tradition.


Planning a special event?


Let La Ktrina take care of satisfying your guests’ palates with our catering service. From small gatherings to large celebrations, our team will make sure every detail is perfect, offering an irresistible selection of Mexican dishes that will leave everyone wanting more.

Ordering by Phone or Online

Want to enjoy our flavors in the comfort of your home?


With our telephone or online ordering service, you can bring La Ktrina’s authentic Mexican cuisine to your door. Just choose your favorite dishes, place your order and we’ll take care of the rest.

Taco Time or Fajita Time for Special Events

Looking for a unique way to celebrate a special event?


Surprise your guests with our Taco Time or Fajita Time service, where they can enjoy the freshness and flavor of our freshly prepared tacos or fajitas. From birthday parties to corporate events, we make every occasion unforgettable with our unique culinary experience.

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At La Ktrina, we are committed to making every experience exceptional. Contact us today to find out how we can make your next event a success!